Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Vietnam Stuff

Various items from the Vietnam War 4D GIS project
Superimposed picture of Saigon River and wharf district

Custom troop icons- original models from the artists at Junior General!

Superimposed picture of the US Embassy

III Corps showing VC base areas and logistical routes

A custom military icon creator I designed in Photoshop

III Corps showing various allied headquarters (up in the sky)

An early version of my Photoshop technique- I've refined it since then, but you get the idea.

Custom terrain icons

Some Vietnam War maps

Here are some stills from my Vietnam War 4D GIS project~

Tay Ninh Province, 18 Aug 68
Pop-up Information Balloon
Illustrating path of attack- 9th VC Division May 68
Sample view showing terrain (Binh Dinh Province)
Example of embedding data at different altitudes
Some custom event icons I created

Some recent Civil War maps

Here are a few Civil War PS-GE maps I created to support upcoming staff rides.

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Hau Nghia Province, South Vietnam: May 1968